Friday, January 9, 2009

Lack of time

Well hello there folks!

Its not that I haven't had material to blog about, just lack of time. December was close to our all time record for snow fall in the month, and we had 18 days of measurable snowfall, so then consider many of those snowfalls were quite large and I ended up working a 2nd or 3rd day to finish 'cleaning' up the edges and anything that may have drifted. It was also a record month for income but it was squashed by the fact that I didn't work a single day (for pay anyway) in the month of November, so trying to play catch up with bills ended my excitement of a record month.

I talked about the remodel of the kitchen, well it didn't get done in time for the party, but it is about 45% finished and that is where it has been since Dec 4th. Yes over a month later and its still torn apart. Who has had time?! In December I traveled to my only pigeon show of the year, The Iowa State Pigeon Association held their annual show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. I had a great show there, but then brought a sickness home and have lost nearly 25% of my pigeons since then, and nothing I do can stop it. I'm not one for medication, but decided last week to order some 4-in-1 medication. I'm hoping its not too late to stop the spread.

Christmas came and went. I was alone most Christmas and literally pouted so didn't really enjoy Christmas, not even the Church Service which I always enjoy. It took me until Christmas Day night before I finally snapped out of it and realized I was being childish and needed to remember the real reason for Christmas in the first place.

New Year's Eve I was in bed by 10:30pm with some kind of stomach flu. My sister has it now and she relates it to contractions, only worse. I thought my gallbladder was exploding but it obviously hasn't and I'm better now.

I was still somewhat sick at the ST Paul dog show so wasn't up to my regular self and I think everyone who knows me well enough could figure that part out :) It was enjoyable to get away from the snow removal, if even for a few days and even if I was sick. It was nice to see my great friends from Ohio, JoAnne and Ferris and I was bummed that Mary and Erica from Wahpeton, ND couldn't be there, as its been too long since I've seen them either.

Sadie's agility class started again last night and we are doing well. She loves to run and jump and be with me and its very rewarding. I'm the one that needs the work and I'm glad Sadie forgives me for not knowing what the heck I'm doing :)

I'm in the process of purchasing an entire AKC standard course (minus the dog walk, teeter and A frame) so I can practice at home with Sadie and try and get Zoe and Ell prepared for agility as well. Zoe only needs a major to finish, and Ell needs 5 points including a major so they are both 'nearly' done so I am excited about our next event we can bond during. The course pieces are going to be purchased very slowly, and in between other bill pays. I'm still trying to get January's bills caught up, so piece by piece, week by week I should be able to bring the jumps and contacts home one by one. I'll keep you posted.

Right before Christmas my toaster died. You may not think that that is a big deal but I love toast. I realize they are not that expensive but I've been putting my dogs before me and taking Oliver and Ell to the Chiropractor and Acupuncture Vet in Casselton, ND. He's the only one registered/certified in the state of ND and he's really good with the dogs. More importantly Ell and Oliver are happier dogs now.

Now my computer has quit and of course all of my files, photos, address book, emails and music are trapped on the old tower. I need to go and purchase a new tower with more memory, but again, funds are just too tight to be able to go and do that, so i'm now having to walk to my parents house (just a few 100 feet away) to check my email, facebook, blog and other things. I'm just hoping that I can find cash sooner than later to get a new computer. I don't watch much tv, so the computer is my addiction and need it to stay in contact with all my friends that i've made on blogger and elsewhere online!

My dvd/vcr player also quit shortly before Christmas. A dvd player is high on my priority list also as I am a fan of Netflix and was watching them on my computer until that died. Now i have my mom's portable DVD player but jeez is that tiny and its hard to have people over to watch movies on that!

It sounds like I'm whinging, but I'm really not. I've missed my blogging and I miss reading what everyone is up to! I hope soon things will settle down and I can finish my kitchen, get the computer, DVD and toaster and catch up with bills. I'm glad we have snow but would love a few days off to reorganize the house and get situated out in the barns and clean the pens out. I just haven't had the energy between snow blowing and then getting sick. You'd think I'd be in the best shape of my life! I'm just exhausted.

Maybe my lack of computer will give me the much needed time to clean house without the distraction of the internet.....I"ll keep you posted!


penni said...

Garrett, I'm sorry your life has become so complicated this last month -- sick pigeons, no computer and no DVD player makes me think we are nearing the end of civilization as we know it!

Are you still feeding raw? If you are, can you see a difference in your dogs?

Do you plan to be in Topeka for Nationals? Looking forward to meeting those of our blogging gang that I don't yet know in person.

dreameyce said...

Agility set! WHEE! Can I move there? haha One of these years, I'll have my own set too :)

Hopefully the puter is working soon, and I can really feel on the bird sickness topic. We have SDA and sendai in rats, easy to catch, usually deadly viral infections. We do full 3 week quarantine on all new animals, and before and after shows to help prevent the viral infections.

I've had SDA 2 times in the last 7 years. Devastating on so many levels to not only loose animals/pets, but loose hard work/years of breeding. Hopefully the loss isn't too harsh genetically, and you can move on in the future. I'm sorry :(

The easy to catch, deadly infections in rats reminds me of how parvo used to be for dog breeders. So many dog breeders lost *EVERYTHING* to parvo before vaccines. You read old breed books, and entire kennels, and newly imported dogs would be totally wiped out. Same thing now with these small animals (Rodents, birds, ferrets), where we don't have vaccines, or ways of preventing their deadly infections.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Sorry to hear of all your troubles, but glad you got work in December! That is a blessing when so many have lost jobs. Rick's business is way down, but he's still paying his bills, drawing a salary and paying his secretary's, so I remind him that we are very blessed. I do think we are closing in on the disasters that the Bible predicts as the "time of trouble;" in that case it will get worse instead of better. But if we keep the most important thing, our relationship with Jesus, first, it will end with paradise!

(Goodness, how did that end up as a sermonette? Guess it's been on my mind....)

Kara said...

I am so sorry about your pigeons Garrett! That is why I worry about getting into showing the sheep, I'm afraid to expose them to something. I have been fortunate to have purchased all my sheep from healthy flocks, knock wood. I guess I don't give it a second thought with the horses, but they are so well vaccinated. I hope the rest of your pigeons are okay and everything else begins to improve for you.

Sarah said...

Garrett, if you head this way, I have a brand new toaster for you. :-) I love toast too, and I can't live without my toaster oven. That's why I have a brand new one waiting in the wings should something happen to the current model! And seriously, I don't know how single people live without a toaster oven.

Sorry about your pigeons, when I used to show my parrots, it was always a risk, and I can't imagine what it must be like for you and the birds.

Hang in there, and I'll hope for more snow up your way!

Holly said...

What a hectic month for you. I am so sorry to hear about your birds and do hope that the rest will stay healthy. Glad you are feeling better too.

Carol Bator said...

Welcome back to blogger. Life sure does have its ups and downs. And it sure is hard to keep up with everything. But I enjoy your blog and hope you can get a new computer soon.

Jen C said...


Sorry to hear about the pigeons. It's tough dealing with sick critters.

Now, Tim wants to know if you bought the toaster, computer and dvd unit at the same time. Probably the warranties are all up! :-) If you bought anything else during that time, watch out. They'll probably go too. :-)

Now on the remodel. I think a month is nothing to sweat over. Our living room has had the plaster and lathe ripped mostly off the walls for the past year. Tim hasn't had the time to work on the walls (we'll be putting up some support beams and then tearing down the old walls). Eventually I'll have a nice looking downstairs. I understand being under construction.

Take care,

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