Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merrymoon Ebonald Retribution

With a lack of a computer (I'm having a friend come over today to hopefully fix it!) I was taking a LOT of photos but unable to download. My parents think I'm addicted to the computer, which is pretty much the truth. I'm now over at their house checking email a lot and decided I'd take the opportunity to add some photos to the blog.

If you read the posts previous this one you'd see a black/white little puppy in one of the pics. This guy was in the planning stages for awhile and it just so happened that there were a few nice boys in this litter to choose from. I believe Barb and I chose the same one. This little guy is out of Pluperfect-Merrymoon Prince (Ell's dad) and Merrymoon Noblestar Only You (Molly)(a half sister to Ell). Molly was 2nd in her class at the CWCCA National Specialty in 2005 and does not carry coat. I have been wanting a really nice black/white boy for a long time, and after the puppy from JoAnne Beashau fell through last year (his name was Kenny, a Shadowalk Trademark x Kennebec Give Back My Heart) after he didn't have any testicles. I have been learning a lot from Ell's breeder....Barb Hoffman and from JoAnne so it was only a matter of time before I got something good out of one of them that was black/white.

His name is Justice and he really is what I was hoping for. A handsome head, great rear angulation and drive (many dogs seem to be lacking this drive) and of nice bone, temperament etc. I could go on and on :)

Well we were trying to figure out a way to get Justice from Canada to Minnesota. Every way we thought just wasn't working out so Barb brought Justice to JoAnne's house in Ohio (a seven hour drive for her one way) and JoAnne brought him the rest of the way from Ohio to ST Paul. I believe it was a good 15 hours or so?

Many thanks to Ferris and JoAnne to puppy sitting for me for a few weeks and teaching him all he knew LOL. He's a vocal puppy unafraid of anything and all the dogs really love him. I'm quite pleased.

.............what?.......I didn't do it.....

Ok I'll let you see me close up.....I'm still cute :)

If I can't see him........he can't see me......

Trying to get Ell to play...and pausing for the camera

This was taken right in between them both barking. He minds Oliver well, which I was hoping!

Believe it or not we took many photos of this stance. Trying to get non show dog people (AKA my family) to assist me with a delay on the digital camera is near maddening! This was the last photo we took and it turned out ok I think.

A couple shots of his front


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Is he a black tri-color? Such sweet stubby little legs!

Garrett808 said...

Hey Michelle! He is a tri-color. The black in Cardigans is recessive, unlike most other dog breeds. Its hard to explain but they are really considered black and white with tan points, the most recessive, or black and white with brindle points, even if you can't see any brindling.

there is a link on my website that goes to a long time breeders website in regards to coat color.

The short story is all dogs are either brindle pointed or tan pointed in cardigans and then are black/white, blue merle/white, brindle/white or sable/red/white. i'm still trying to figure it all out!

Cardigans come in twice as many colors that are registerable....we have two kinds of dilutes (both chocolate and grey) and then have Chincilla, and 'ee' or pinks. Its quite the palate!

a corgi said...

he's so cute!!! just found your journal; so amazed you live at the same place that has been in your family since the 1890s! that's kind of rare these days

enjoy your new pup :)


StubbyDog said...

He looks very promising...congrats! I have a soft spot for the tan tris personally. Not the easiest to show/finish, but I think they're quite handsome.

Wrensong Farm said...

He's gorgeous!! Looks like he's got quite the personality too!! :)

Rayna said...

Oooohhh...I can't wait to meet him! He looks simply awesome!

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