Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A few more photos of lambs and sheep

A partial flock shot below. To the lower left you will see my F1 Orion, F2 Timothy fawn kat ram lamb. The black ram lamb in the center with his nice rear towards us in my F1 Jamie out of a linebred Dillon ewe. This ram lamb is a smooth polled ram!

This is Minwawe Dark Chocolate. She is a yearling and is for sale. Jet black and beautiful conformation. Crimpy fleece for a domestic!
My F1 Holly fawn katmoget ewe lamb WhitePine Candace. She had a spotted head at birth so I'll remember that for future use :)
Fawn and Shaela fleeced ewes. The fawn is BonoCreek Lavender Brown and the shaela is Minwawe Red Bud. Red Bud is for sale, Lavender is reserved. This is NOT iset as the fibers are are black/white or brown/white but lighter shades of black (or brown).
Two of my F1 Orion boys. The lighter one in front will be a mioget. He is WhitePine Ephraim and the moorit is WhitePine Philemon.

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Dawn said...

Love the sheep Garrett, but you need to tell us about Sadie and agility! Dont forget the dog blog! ps- I really want a little black lamb coule you just tell Darryl its a dog???

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