Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last lamb last night and lamb stats

Minwawe Sterling had her water bag out last night when I did my evening check at 9pm. I sat and waited and shortly thereafter saw the babe come out. She looked dark but I could tell she was a gray katmoget. Last year Sterling's lamb Sedalia also was dark and had like a green slime on her so I waited for Sterling to clean her off before I made assumptions she wasn't spotted.

When she was cleaner I went in and saw that it was indeed another EWE LAMB! That makes the last five lambs of the season all girls! WOHOO!! And this little girl named WhitePine Selah (meaning "the end") is indeed a spotted girl too! Not as flashy as Sedalia, but nonetheless spotted, katmoget and a girl! Good Job Sterling!! (oh and Jazz too!)

My official lamb stats are now these:

Ewes exposed to Jazz: 13 (I sold the 14th one bred)
Ewes lambing Jazz lambs: 12 (one ewe lamb did not cycle)
Total lambs born: 14 (2 sets of twins, 10 singles, mostly yearlings)
Ram lambs: 7, Ewe lambs: 7
Gray katmogets: 8, black: 6 (all show signs of spotting either krunet or greater)

Lambing percent from thris group 107% (not including ewe sold)

Ewes exposed to Barish: 6 ( I sold the 7th one bred)
Ewes lambing Barish lambs: 5 (one ewe lamb did not cycle)
Total lambs born: 6 (1 set of twins, 5 singles from mostly yearlings)
Ram lambs: 2, Ewe lambs: 4
Gray katmogets: 4, black: 2

Lambing percent from this group: 100%

Ewes exposed to Arapaho: 4 ( one ewe lamb did not cycle)
Ewes lambing Arapaho lambs: 3
Total Lambs born: 3 (all singles)
Ram lambs: 2, Ewe lambs: 1
All three lambs solid black

lambing percent 75%

Wintertime Blues (Jazz's twin brothers) x shelteringpines Nirvana gave me twin girls (both are going to be horned like their mother) and i'm very happy with these girls. Thank you Stephen!

The AI group had 100% conception and we had 17 lambs born with 14 rams. I am keeping all three ewes (two F1 Orion modified moorits and one F1 Holly fawn katmoget smirslet). There will be rams for sale this fall after micron testing.

Total lamb cound is 43 lambs born with 40 surviving giving us 134% lambing percent of lambs born. Average lambing weight was 6.57 pounds with the largest being 11 pounds (BFL lamb) and smallest a preemie baby stillborn at 3 pounds.

I have decided that most likely all ram lambs born from Barish, Arapaho and Jazz will be for sale if they are deemed breeding quality. Some of the AI lambs will also be available later so do let me know if there is one you are looking at. The first deposit down on a lamb will guarantee that it is yours :) That is....if its for sale :) (and makes the breeding cut!)

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Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Congrats, Garrett! Glad you're done lambing with the Shetlands!I still have a couple of yearlings holding out. How are the BFL's looking? Any udders forming for late arrivals??

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