Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whilst I was away....

So I left Friday around 2pm to go to the groom's supper and rehearsal...then a night out on the town....I think we got back around 3;30 AM? I typically get up around 6 or 630 so this was very not like me NOW, but was very like me say a decade ago :)

My dad and mom weren't leaving until Saturday morning sometime so I asked dad if he wouldn't mind tying up the ewe that didn't want her lamb. I left her tied up with the halter and then tied her around her belly like Suzanne instructed me in the last post. it worked! I didn't have to stand there and watch. I told dad to untie her from the position before he left and the babe would have to just wait until I got home.

Well the wedding was yesterday at 330pm and then supper and such at 7pm. dance started at 8 but geez I was extremely tired and still very hung over. ahem. so yes. I did have a good time. But I was worried about the little lamby. So I decided to NOT drink after supper and rehydrate further and drive home last night. I left around 10:30 or so and was home by midnight. I ran to the barn and there before my disbelief was the little 'rejected' lamb nursing on his momma! and she wasn't tied and was sniffing him and letting him nurse! WOHOO!!

Dad had mentioned one of my last 5 ewes to lamb had had twins but couldn't tell me sexes or colors so I was able to see that Minwawe Flopsy a solid moorit, carrying spots gave me a smirslet/krunet/sokket with a white tail EWE lamb (oh and she was also katmoget!!) and a gray katmoget ram lamb. I was really surprised actually by the way the fleeces were. VERY crimpy and look to be single coated. No birth coat straight hair. .....At all....I was very proud of flopsy!! Good job momma!

Nothing else had lambed while I was away. I got to bed about 2am and up at 8am to find that WhitePine Castle Rock (Jazz x Chloe from last year) had give me a gray katmoget EWE lamb out of FirthofFifth Barish! WOHOO!! Castle Rock is the twin sister to the ewe who was rejecting her lamb...and fortunately Castle Rock was being a very good momma and licking her babe and calling for her.

I need to get photos now!

And the gimpy, hip out of socket girl was sleeping with her legs bent and against her body when I got there this morning...she was standing and walking normally. Perhaps her muscles tightened and her hip naturally came back together? I'm going to have the vet check her out when she gets here!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hurray - such wonderful news! Well, not the part about you getting hung over and losing precious brain cells; but all the sheep news is GREAT! You DESERVE a flashy EWE lamb after all those black ram lambs, and some katmogets to boot!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

GREAT news then about that beautiful ram lamb and his wayward mom!! I am SO glad the tie up worked! I've been herding like a madwoman for 4 days until a few hours ago when everyone left for good. I'm just finally able to check in.....what great news. Sometimes those girls....ya just wanna kick 'em in the pants, don't ya? And your new spotted girl - gorgeous! CONGRATS!

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