Saturday, May 23, 2009

Head - 9 points - 1927 Shetland Standard

The head is the next topic as Michelle at Boulderneigh had two sheep photographed and discussed. One's head didn't seem to be as 'ideal' in MHO, but it could just be what I'm used to, or what I deem as 'pretty' or 'typey'

The head is worth 9 points as well, so another important part of the standard.


Good width between ears, tapering rapidly to base of nose, which should be broad and with little taper to the muzzle, hollow between cheeks and nose well marked


I guess this is a harder one for me to debate as most of the heads are typically the same in my flock, minus ear set or eyes or something like that. No heads are overally large, but all heads are that wide skull between ears and taper like an upside down triangle to the nose. Looking at it definintely makes me think "Shetland" but the entire "Northern short-tailed family of sheep" must have similiar heads?

Any help here disecting this would be helpful!


Wrensong Farm said...

Boy, these are some great posts Garrett....I'm going to have to set aside some time (hopefully before next winter) to really study them! Thanks!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

This is a point in the standard that I would like to see in lecture form, with photos and a laser pointer! I'm not sure exactly where the "base" of the nose is supposed to be, or what that "hollow between cheeks and nose" is supposed to look like. So photos of good and poor examples with those specific areas marked would be helpful. I've seen a lot of different heads in Shetlands (granted, the ears and eyes can add or detract a lot from a head's overall impression), some of which I like and some of which I don't.

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