Thursday, May 14, 2009

My 'other' babies

I sold two bred ewes to a gal down by Becky Utecht for a petting zoo, along with an unbred ewe. While two are working out, the third, a yuglet sokket moorit yearling ewe will be coming home here as she is not working out for her and will be replaced with something more friendly :)

The owner did tell me that the two did lamb and I am attaching photos she took via her phone. Not the greatest for light but you can get a general idea.

Below is WhitePine Sheridan. She is out of Wintertime Jazz x Justalit'l Shasta. Sheridan was bred to FifthofFifth Barish and they produced this spunky little gray katmoget ram lamb with horn buds (Barish carries the polled gene). His fleece from this photo looks somewhat promising.
This is Minwawe Sea Breeze and her daughter out of Wintertime Jazz! The baby girl is a gray katmoget smirslet sokket (her eye patch on the left side goes down to far to be yuglet, and only two white sock, but a WHITE TAIL!). They are both coming back here to live as Sea Breeze is too standoffish for the petting zoo. Sea Breeze and her daughter will probably be for sale.


Rayna said...

Purdy! :)

Becky Utecht said...

I'm glad that lead turned into sales for you. Sorry to hear Seabreeze didn't work out, but it's nice that you will get that cute little ewe lamb to sell too.

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