Thursday, May 7, 2009

Most of the Lamb Stats from 2009

Well I'm back home from work. Talk about gale force winds! I'm trying to do 'spring clean ups' and the way the wind is blowing I don't even need my backpack leaf blower as they are all blowing away! I'll have to work fast tomorrow when the winds have died down and before the shearer comes!

I wanted to do lambing stats as while I sat watching the lambs in the pasture I noticed LOTS of katmogets :)

Here are the stats so far:

Rams- 25
Ewes- 15

Gray Katmogets - 6 rams, 6 ewes
Fawn Katmogets - 2 rams, 2 ewes
White - 2 rams
Ag - 2 rams (both musket, one HST)
Solid black (including shaela/emsket) - 9 rams, 4 ewes
Solid moorit (including fawn/mioget) - 4 rams, 2 ewes

No spotting is accounted for as I have some that are wildly HST marked down to just a few white hairs atop their head.

Oh and one BFL natural colored ewe (that is where the 15th ewe lamb comes from!)


Rayna said...


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So is that lambs or total sheep? I didn't think you got that many ewe lambs this year!

I might be interested in the right katmoget ewe lamb, since you snagged Sarah. Send me particulars of any who might carry polled.

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