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A great link

Where do I go from here?

A lot happening

Thank you friends

Head - 9 points - 1927 Shetland Standard

Tail - 9 points - Shetland Standard 1927

Wool - 20 points - Sheltand 1927 standard

A few more photos of lambs and sheep

1927 Standard - let's discuss

What's For Sale

A few flock photos

Stephen Rouse

My 'other' babies


Last lamb last night and lamb stats

Photos of the gulmoget ewe's lambs

God doesn't want me to have gulmogets!

Grass Hay

Shearing...ah yes.

Shearing is done and another lamb!

Most of the Lamb Stats from 2009

Goals are always changing

still nothing

The last three holdouts

Photos of said lambs

Whilst I was away....

Remember dog friends...I have a dog blog now!