Monday, August 27, 2007

BBQ weekend!

Well I can't believe that the BBQ weekend is already gone. It was so nice to finally meet Sabrina and it is always nice to see Gail V as well. Gail brought a friend with, Mary and her Airedale Molly to visit and it sure was an educational and fun-filled afternoon!

I must say I was a bit stressed when upon returning from AM working to find Sabrina already at my place! I swear Sabrina could not have been a day older than me (I'm 27) and although she never mentioned her real age I am sure she cannot be much over 30 at the MOST! She's a super sweet lady with a wealth of knowledge and just the greatest personality you could imagine.

Gail and Rayna decided my place was a good place to pass sheep off at so Gail brought Rayna's three ewes and that gorgeous bersugget ram lamb. he has a TON of fleece!

Gail and Mary were great to talk with and I always enjoy Gail's company. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and I don't think she has a mean bone in her body!

I really was thankful for the kind words on my sheep and their fleeces from all those present. The smaller numbers allowed for a better chance of getting to know them one on one. We enjoyed some wonderful burgers and lamb brats (thanks Gail for the brats!) and some wonderful brownies supplied by Sabrina and some fresh veggies from my garden. I hear the cherry tomatoes were a hit!

I hope next year more people can attend the BBQ wherever we decide to have it. A day with fellow sheep people makes us realize we are not the only crazy person out there raising sheep!



Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Well, if you're going to tell me I still look like I'm in my 20's Garrett, you can be my new best friend! LOL I'm definitely old enough to consider that an enormous compliment.

I had a great time at your place! You are off to a great start with your flock. I admired several Shetland individuals, and all of them were very soft.

Sorry I caused you a bit of anxiety about being there before you arrived home. I really was only 5 minutes ahead of you. Ask your charming Dad. And believe me, it's probably the first time I've ever been early in my life.

Gail V said...

Oh my, Garrett, you are so flattering. Thanks for smokin' all those folks who haven't met me yet! Did I say how glad I am to have you join the ranks of MN Shetland breeders?
Mary and I had so much fun at your farm, looking at all the critters and plants you grow. I was surprised how much Mary, a non-spinner, was taken with the fleece examination/discussion. Now she wants to spin!
Thanks for a wonderful day in the North country.

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