Sunday, August 12, 2007

Odd traditions

Do you have peculiar traditions? One that we celebrated tonight was fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies.It never ceases to amaze the variety of homemade cookies. Guess every house made a different version of the homemade cookies? At any rate I took photos of the things we do when we eat these wonderful cookies.

1. Eat large amounts of cookie dough so there are hardly any cookies to eat

2. Enjoy a caffeine free (must be caffeine free) Pepsi with at least 4-6 warm fresh from the oven 'burn your mouth' cookies.

3. Moan and complain that you ate too much cookie dough and hot cookies and feel stuffed. (making loud burps from the Pepsi after chugging large quantities of it also indicates part of the time honored tradition)

This may not be as good as Kim's White Grapes and Gin but it still tastes pretty dang good!

1 comment:

Kelly V said...

MMMM, Cookie dough, I think it is actually tastier than the final product most of the time.m

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