Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fresh Linens

I'm trying to take the Nancy Krohn approach to farming where one carries their digital camera at all times so as to never miss a great blog story. I had three today!

I was changing the linens on the bed and the dogs had decided it was time for bed. Now try to imagine moving 4 corgis off of the 'old' linens and trying to get new linens on the bed before they get them all hairy! All four acted like they were cinder blocks with lead weights attached to them. I had to literally pull them off (the pups anyway).I had to put the two pups in crates and told the older two, more rule abiding dogs ' OFF ' and they jumped down. I got the sheets on and then went into the laundry room to get the comforter. Upon my return I had BOTH older dogs underneath the top sheet and playing! By the time my camera turned on (its slow) and I got the photo, Oliver had gotten out of the sheets and laid on top of them. As you can tell they look quite pleased with themselves :)


stephen rouse said...

great pics of your dogs! How cute!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Since we left Minnesota, they must have doubled the length of a day in that state. How DO you have time to be involved so deeply with so many different species? I thought "I" was busy and pulled in a hundred different directions!

Garrett808 said...

Michelle, It seems that the longer the daylight the more busy I become! If it wasn't for these blogs I'd be outside from sun up to sun down or longer. I wish that the days WERE longer but then again I'm lucky to get 6 hours of sleep ever and that's usually by falling into bed around midnight or later and up again by 5 or 6 with the dogs :)

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