Sunday, August 12, 2007

Garden Fever

This is my first year of not being on the local Garden Tour that is hosted the last weekend in July every year. Quite frankly after the very warm oct-dec we had and then very cold weather in jan-feb with no snow killed off many of my 10 year old established plants, trees and shrubs. even a 15 year old Green Ash tree succumbed to the winter. I can't afford to replace all those plants! I have over 1500 plants!

I haven't done the gardens justice this year. I've had more than enough work with the new sheep and goats and the BUSINESS to keep me preoccupied. I've hardly even remembered to water it. But the weeds sure look nice.

Special thanks to Candice for coming out and helping me make what I have left of my gardens look good. Since I won't embarrass myself with what the gardens look like this year (no dead heading, splitting or pruning yet this year) I will leave you with a few of my photos from garden tour the past few years. Unfortunately not a lot of things bloom the end of July for Garden Tour but it really takes that long for the gardens to look their best :)

Wow my gardens need help before you get here for the BBQ!!


Juliann said...

What beautiful photos! You have much to be proud of, that's a lot of work!)
Sorry to hear of your losing your older trees, how heartbreaking. :( It is hard keeping up with everything. I'm half-tempted to just roto-til up my vegetable garden, the weeding got away from me this year. But I can wander through and find some fruit yet, lol!

Becky Utecht said...

Wow, Garrett, I'm impressed with your gardens! Very Nice! Things look so much greener there than they are here. And to think that you saw MY landscaping last spring, now I'm embarrassed!

Gail V said...

Garrett,your gardens are beautiful. You are a man with many interests, it is apparent. and I find that it's my gardens, too, that have to give when the critters need tending-- my friend Mary and I loved looking at your carefully labeled plants and well-organized grounds.

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