Saturday, August 11, 2007

Play date with the babies

Now granted the dogs are always with me. Wherever I go, there they are. I have found that doing chores is now impossible with four dogs as they love to eat on the 'poop buffet' that is our farm. Duck, Cow, Pig, Chicken, Goat and Sheep. Horses and their most favorite.....Cat. I'm sick of this disgusting behavior and instead of constantly having to watch them and say 'no', I keep them in their fenced in yard where they let me know that much to their dislike, that they are confined and away from me. Especially Oliver. I think he believes to be my long lost other arm who must constantly be with me. I think its an honor but then again also feel sorry for him as when I do have to work, he waits for me at the gate until I return again. He's a lover and a great lap dog.

Mac Attack (official name is Mr. McGregor) is turning out to be a very stunning and flashy black and white with tan pointed boy. He was reserve winners dog both days in LaCrosse last weekend. More importantly he is becoming a lap dog too (much to Oliver's disgust) and the boys are seen 'bickering' over who gets to cuddle with me and beg for attention. I really think they are two peas in a pod. Then again you haven't seen Mac and Sadie play.

Sadie is shown here with some old knotted Khaki pants. Anything she can find (even a piece of bark I watched her pull of the Boxelder tree I was sitting against) to tease and taunt the other dogs into playing with her. She must be in control at all times, even if she is just supervising. When play time has turned into fighting, she is the first to stop them. Then again they rarely 'fight' (play fight more likely but it sounds awful)

Here is Sadie unaware that Mac is about to try and take her knotted khaki rope toy that is off to the left just outside of the photo.

And not to be outdone..............the Zoe-miester is paitently waiting for her chance to intercept the rope toy from the bigger too. Its not uncommon for these three to run around with the same toy in their mouths while Oliver runs ahead of them (backwards usually) barking and telling them something only they can understand.

WHAT WOULD LIFE BE WITHOUT MY ENTERTAINMENT?!!! God love them, my little heart dogs!

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Kelly V said...

What is it with dogs and thinking poop is a good snack? I agree totally disgusting (especially when they think you needed to be licked right after that!) I wouldn't trade either of my two for the world either, they are really entertaining, great cuddler, and love me unconditionally. It is great, I agree.

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