Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Last calves of the season!

A double surprise for our last cow, a first time mother, Istas. She had been synchronized and A.I.'ed twice last year, then found to be still open so she went in with our herd bull that was at home. Nine months later TADAH! Twins! Of course there is a boy and a girl and 99.9% of the girls from opposite sex twins ends up being a free martin. she sure is a beauty! If she were a Shetland she would be a smirslet, sokket and she has white on the tip of her tail and on her belly. She's abolutely a doll! The boy is very different in regards to body style, type of hair, pattern, even the depth of the red is different. I went and looked backed at the calendar and it is actually a possibility that both our herd bulls were home by that date and 'could' have both bred her and fertilized an egg. The bulls are quite different in all the above aspects so we'll have to see where the difference came from. I'm not sure this is a reality or not so will have to DNA test the bulls and the calves to see who belongs to who or I cannot register them :) Well the girl won't be registered.....she'll be our next freezer full of beef in about two years so I'm thankful for that. Sad reality but it happens.

I took the Nancy Krohn approach (and I'm finding others who also do the step-by-step photos) to photography and after a 'once over' I ran back to the house to get my camera and take some step-by-step photos :) I do hope you enjoy :)

Here is momma Istas with her bull calf (the calf that looks like a yuglet sokket) and her heifer calf (the smirslet sokket)

Here the little guy bellerd and was wanting some lunch so he was trying to get up with the coaxing of his momma.

Not to be outdone, his sister then had to get up for lunch before he got it all!

And then before they got started momma Istas decided it was time to head into the yard to show off her babies and get some ice cold water for herself.

Yup they are still following you, dear momma!


Nancy K. said...

What beautiful calves. And sweet cow! I'm glad everyone is healthy.

Are you a Daisy or a Lily?

Gail V said...

Oh Garrett, those baby pictures are priceless! And I think the mama is gorgeous, too.

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