Monday, July 6, 2009


Well its been awhile since we talked about hay.

We've now officially baled all of our first crop of hays for the beef cattle and sheep. I figured in a very worse case scenario, where we had to feed hay year round, I would need around 2500 small square bales to feed just the sheep for an entire 365 days. Obviously we are on pastures right now but I like to be 'doom and gloom' and always plan for the worst and then be pleasantly surprised at how much 'extra' hay we have in the spring.

The sheeps' hay is a timothy/brome/clover/alfalfa/blue grass blend. Several of the fields also had orchard grass in it as well. The girls should be quite content this winter with the nice green hays.

Our rotating pastures are also working well. They are currently on timothy/clover/brome/blue grass with a touch of alfalfa (its pretty mature so not as much bloat to worry about). They are complete pigs and are so spoiled! I let them into their new pasture this am after I fed them some grass hay and they came running BACK to me screaming! For no reason! They are fat, mineral tubs full, water tanks full, barn fan on...i just don't get it! :)

Off to unload hay for a while before I go off to work to spray yards for crabgrass!

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