Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yearling BFL vs Yearling Shetland and other news

These two girls were following me around the pasture on my evening check. The Shetland is BlackForest Tilly a yearling black gulmoget ewe who lambed with a single black ewe lamb out of UnderTheSon Arapaho. The BFL is a natural colored yearling ewe who didn't lamb. She is Beechtree Kiloran. She is much darker than what the photo looks like. Stupid flash wrecks the color tones! The size difference is startling when they are side by side. Kiloran is #1 obnoxious pet after not liking me last fall/winter she decided this spring that I was her personal heroine (the drug not the hero LOL) and she had to follow me around whenever I'm in the pasture. Its hard to get a good photo.
Well this is kinda a nice view of her head....wish I had a better profile view but she is just too pushy! I can't get away fast enough to focus the camera.
Coming in off of the rotational grazing on the grass field. The BFL is two year old Beechtree Kershope. Do you think she is well fed?? :) The white ewe in front is FirthofFifth Rahu a two year old Forrest daughter. She is next to her black ram lamb out of UnderTheSon Arapaho. He is a sturdily built ram lamb. Catching up to his mom at 8 weeks old.
And what appears to be the start of a cow 'conga line'. I guess I ruined their fun. Hey...girls just wanna have fun! ;) *groan* how lame i know!
These four girls are all bred by me. I think left to right are SenSim Rihanna, SenSim Callie, SenSim Cindy, SenSim DeAnna. The middle two have yet to calve, the other two are already bred back to AI.

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