Monday, July 6, 2009

Ram photos

Here are some updated photos of the rams that made it through another round of evaluations >:)

Below is Wintertime Jazz. He is 87.5% UK, is spotted (just look at that face) and is homozygous black (he will only throw black based lambs). He is very consistent, extremely soft and is very respectful of me and others and likes chin scratches through the fence. I tend to not go into the pens often as you can never trust a ram! His horns are a bit close (much closer than his twin Blues who lives at Stephen Rouse's farm) but they should be 'ok' for a few more years of breeding before I would have to trim them (or collect him). Thanks to Meghan Namaste for allowing this handsome boy to come live with me! Talk about a foundation sire!
FirthofFifth Barish is 53% UK and is an F1 Timothy. Notice how DARK his face is! All his offspring have this dark of face if they are katmoget. They are not eye flashes that Gulmogets have. I have his twin sister Booto as well and just absolutely love them both. Thank you to Cynthia Allen for allowing this boy to come and have a life at my farm ;)

He is also 'aberrant' or long scurred and has produced polled rams (small scurs mostly). He is also homozygous black but he carries spots AND modified!! He has been used selectively here and as much as I'd love to use him more, he tends to be overshadowed by Jazz when breeding goals are made up. Anyone want to lease him?

Here is a photo of my other three men, all yearlings .The BFL on the right is ShelteringPines Burma, a natural colored ram who is 61% UK with loads of Barlaes Titus and CarryHouse V2. The moorit based rams are described further below.A closer look of UnderTheSon Arapaho. he is 42% UK, F2 Orion, F4/F4 Jamie. He is a very gorgeous rich moorit color and his horns look to be very close but are turning out now. He was used very selectively last fall and sired three black lambs, all with gorgeous conformation and consistent fleeces. He is quite the mellow fellow. His 5 month old fleece sample was :Afd 26.7, SD 6.3, CV 23.6 and fibers over 30 microns: 25.9%. He is available for sale.

Above and below is UnderTheSon Mohican, a 50% UK F2 Brent F3 Jericho etc that carries modifier gene. He was not used last fall. His horns will also be close. He is very dense and consistent and very mellow personality. His 5 month old micron test was Afd;26.6, SD 8, CV 30.2 and fibers over 30 micron: 27% He is available for sale.

All of the sheep are pending new current micron reports. They SHOULD be back any day now!!


stephen rouse said...

jazz is one fine looking ram! :-)

Juliann said...

Hey Garrett,
How about letting me use some of these photos in the judge's packet? I need photos of some higher UK% sheep so the judge's know that these animals are okay.
I can't give photo credits, but maybe it would help to give these sheep a fair shake in the ring.

Garrett808 said...

Juliann, that would be fine with me!

Cynthia said...

I've been meaning to mention that Barish's dam, Boppitty, has done it again this year. Her "Kat" looks just like Barish. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if what she is doing is not something other than Katmoget as we think of it. I'm working on finishing chicken hutches and field work and will try to get photos and thoughts posted soon.

Juliann said...


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