Sunday, July 19, 2009

Microns are IN!!

I was a procrastinator with the fleece samples to be sent in. I knew whose fleece I didn't like and kind of knew who would probably move on just based on their fleeces, although they had many other outstanding attributes. Since my #1 goal is fineness of fleece, these reports are of a lot of merit to me.

Granted yes I still do structural exams and cull accordingly but sometimes if they have nice structure and not so great fleece I keep them around as they throw nice lambs when bred to soft rams. Opposite is true if I have a nicely fleeced animal but not so great in structure. Now that I am in a position where I feel I really have the basis for what I want my flock to look like, I can start to move out ewes that are not necessarily the softest themselves, but will produce it, and can move out softer ewes that are not so structurally correct. Again, all have their merits or I would not have kept them so long! :)

I did all yearling and mature rams as well as all of the BFLs and all of my mature Shetland ewes (I did not do yearling shetland ewes as I did them last fall).

I'm very happy to report that my flock average is AFD 26.1, SD 6, CV 22.9! My goal of 25 AFD, 5 SD and 25 CV is within reach! And all from just choosing the sheep with the most promise and breeding specifically for an end result as well as culling quite heavily!

Yes that is for all mature ewes even! Like eight and nine years old! :)

I did also butcher a ram that I didn't like his hind end the last few months and he was my most cosistent along the fiber, as well as softest yearling. He was out of Jazz and Bono Creek Lavender Brown. Lavender incidentally found a new home this weekend in Wisconsin :P

I"m a very happy shepherd! I'll be adding numbers as I have time. I had a busy weekend this weekend :) :) More on that later!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You're doing a great job, Garrett, and inspiring me to keep working at the finer fleeces!

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