Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mature Shetland Ewes

Lisa at Sommerhill had asked about SD and CV in one of the last posts. Here is what I gleaned off of Yocom-McColl's website:

"To analyze the micron test report histogram, find the Average Fiber Diameter (AFD) on the horizontal scale showing fiber diameter in microns. Standard Deviation is a term representing an average of individual deviations (plus or minus micron values) from the mean or AFD. The smaller the Standard Deviation, the more uniform the population of fibers measured. It is the most stable of variability measures and is used in the computation of other fiber statistics such as the Coefficient of Variation (CV).

The Coefficient of Variation is the Standard Deviation divided by the Average Fiber Diameter multipled by 100 and reported as a percentage. The CV is used in the statistical analysis of different populations of fiber (different animals)."

I have found in my experience with Shetlands that the lower the CV the more 'improvable' the animal is towards finer fleece and a more single coat. CV is just as important as AFD and SD in my opinion. A low CV I believe also indicates a more consistent fleeced animal from head to britch. Someone stop me if I'm wrong :)

Mature ewes are at least 2 years of age with the oldest being 8 years old.

FS = For sale, NFS = Not for sale

FifthofFifth Evidence of Autumn - mioget 4 yr old ewe - AFD 29.2, SD 8, CV 27.5, CF 62.2%. She is herself not fine, but she throws some amazing lambs when bred to a fine ram! (FS)

FirthofFifth Booto AI - fawn katmoget 2 year old ewe - AFD 26.1, SD 6.8, CV 26.3, CF 77% (NFS)

Justalit'l Chloe - fawn katmoget six year old ewe - AFD 30.3, SD 6.3, CV 20.7, CF 56.8%. She has produced four outstanding lambs here and all have been retained. Great ewe! (NFS)

RiverOaks Eliza - white four year old ewe - AFD: 26.6, SD 5.6, CV 21.1, CF 79.3% (NFS)

Minwawe Flopsy - moorit seven year old ewe - AFD 29, SD 8.2, CV 28.3, CF63.6% Produced great things when bred to Jazz this past year! (FS)

Minwawe Dixie Cup - shaela smirslet 2 yr old ewe - AFD 28.7, SD 8.3, CV 28.9, CF 65.7 (Sold)

ShelteringPines Fleur De Lis - smirslet gray katmoget 2 yr old ewe - AFD 27.3, SD 5.8, CV 21.3, CF 72.2% (NFS)

Justalit'l Black Lambo - black 8 yr old ewe - AFD 27.2, SD 6.2, CV 22.7, CF 70% (NFS)

BonoCreek Lavender Brown - six year old fawn ewe - AFD 27.8, SD 8.4, CV 30, CF 66.9. She threw amazing lambs the last two years bred to Jazz. (Sold)

WinterSky Layla AI - mioget two year old ewe - AFD 25.3, SD5.5, CV 21.6, CF 84.6% (NFS)

RiverOaks Lucy - gray katmoget two year old ewe - AFD 27.7, SD 4.9, CV 17.8, CF 70.6% (NFS)

Sheltering Pines Nirvana - horned gray katmoget 2 yr o ld ewe - AFD 28.5, SD 5.9, CV 20.6, CF65.2% (NFS)

Underhill Peep - six year old musket ewe - AFD 30.2, SD 7.5, CV 24.7, CF 56.2% (NFS, unless Juliann wants her!)

RYL Rachildas - seven year old white illget ewe - AFD 31.7, SD7, CV 22.1, CF 49.9%. Her lambs have been way softer than her when bred to fine rams. I've retained all her lambs so far. (FS)

WhitePine Rahu - 2 yr old white illget ewe - AFD 27.6, SD 5.1, CV 18.6, CF 73.8% (NFS)

Minwawe RedBud - 2 yr old shaela ewe - AFD: 22.4, SD 6.2, CV 27.8, CF 87.5% (FS) (I'm moving out my 100% domestic sheep so this is a great find!)

FirthofFifth Rooibos - 3 yr old fawn ewe - AFD 28.5, SD 8.8, CV 30.8, CF 68%. (sold)

Justalit'l Shasta - four year old Ag smirslet flecket ewe - AFD 28.9, SD 6.9, CV 23.7, CF 63.6% (FS)

WhitePine Skor - 2 yr old shaela ewe - AFD 22.8, SD 6.2, CV 27.2, CF 85.9% (NFS)

Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud - 2 yr old gray katmoget ewe - AFD 28.1, 6.3, CV 22.5, CF 66.9% (NFS)

Minwawe Sterling - black krunet 2 yr old ewe - AFD 23.4, sd 5.9, CV 25.2, CF 87.7% (FS) Another really low, fine fleeced domestic ewe available!

FifthofFifth Taika - balck gulmoget 2 yr old ewe - AFD 23.2, SD 5.7, CV 24.8, CF 88.5% (NFS)

WhitePine Twix - moorit iset 2 yr old ewe - 26.3 AFD, SD 7.9, CV 30.2, CF 75.1 (Sold)

Underhill Ulla - 6 yr old moorit ewe - AFD 29.7, SD 6.5, CV 22.1, CF 59.2% (NFS)

I will be microning the yearling ewes this fall as I completely forgot to take samples from this as they were in a seperate pen! UGH!! :)


Jen and Rich Johnson said...

I think there is a strong correlation between SD and uniformity from front to back. There has to be. As a result, CV would also be a good indicator. I've not seen a shetland where this wasn't true, but maybe others have. The only fly in the ointment would be the genetics behind britch wool. That is genetic factor that is separate from SD numbers on micron reports. It's very possible to have a low CV at the last rib, but have a very britchy sheep. We've probably all seen that. But on the whole, I think you are right.

Who is Lydia out of? She's one striking lamb!


Juliann said...

Garrett great numbers, those fleeces will be a dream to handspin.
I'll get ahold of you on FB to talk about Peep if you think you are ready to move her on to a new home.

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