Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shetland Ram Microns

I had microned all of my mature and yearling rams (including those I just butchered) and had some great microns come back! Unfortuantely no one wanted them. They taste good nonetheless but I guess that is the buyers loss ;)

UnderTheSon Arapaho yearling moorit ram: AFD 25.5, SD 5.3, CV 20.7, CF 84%. I'm going to hold him over another year to see if he holds. Lease for this year is available.

UnderTheSon Mohican yearling fawn katmoget ram: AFD 24.2, SD 6.5, CV 26.7, CF82.4% He is more intermediate. He will be for sale or lease.

WhitePine Lyons shaela yearling (Jazz x Lavender) AFD 24.4, SD 5.7, CV 23.5, CF 83.7% He is a tasty burger now! (too bad for someone else)

WhitePine Romeo black yearling scurred ram (Barish x Rahu) AFD 24.3, sD 6.5, 26.7 CV, 82% CF. He also is quite tasty!

WhitePine Rico yearling bersugget (Aman x Rachildas) AFD 21.3, 5.7 SD, 26.8 CV, 92.1% CF! He is also tasty..pity.

WhitePine Masonville (Heath x Layla) yearling black ram NCWGA: AFD 21.2, SD 5.8, 27.2 CV, CF of 89.3. He is also very tasty! :)

FirthofFifth Barish AI (Timothy x Boppitty) two year old gray katmoget scurred ram: AFD 22.4, SD 5.9, CV 26.4, CF 89.1.

Wintertime Jazz AI (Jericho x Izzy) two year old gray katmoget smirslet ram: AFD 25.4, SD 5.6, CV of 22.3, CF 80.7%. Interestingly enough he doesn't FEEL any less fine. He still has an amazing handle is still quite soft for any two year old out there! ;)

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Franna said...

Hi Garrett,
Nice microns those, even the tasty ones. It's too bad there isn't more demand for rams.

I got results back, too. Buddy is 25.4/4.9/19.4 (AFD, SD, CV) This is at 3+ years old. I knew he was fine, and I'm considering keeping him another year, unless I find something equally as nice - are you interested in trading Barish or Jazz?

Somewhat of a surprise (since his brother, who I sold, was finer feeling...), is Buddy's son Houdini. Houdini came in at 21.8/5.7/26.2 I think the higher CV is because there is some rise evident along the staple. Houdini is a yearling.

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