Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend I was in the Tomah, WI area where I found my Mac a new home (check out my dog blog: for the whole story).

I also picked up a pair of White-faced Black Spanish Bantams to go with my Old English Game Bantams (I have fawn silver duckwing and Silver duckwing). They are a larger than my OEGB but I'm not going to co-mingle them until this winter when the breeding season is over.

I also picked up FirthofFifth Angus, a dark emsket/light shaela gulmoget with full horns. He is not as fine as my other rams but I am happy to use him for his modified genes as well as the gulmoget genes and the full horned genes (no poll carrier like most of the gulmogets in the US)

I am gleaning a photo of him from Cynthia as I haven't had the time to take new photos!
(photo taken early spring 2009)

After visiting with Cynthia and Christopher very briefly at a truckstop in Mauston I headed due west to Sharrie Smith-Brockhaus' farm where I was to pick up ShelteringPines Pumpernickel Pogo. He is a smirslet, sokket gray katmoget ram with gorgeous wide sweeping horns. His two year old micron came back at AFD 27, SD 5.3, CV 19.7, CF of 76.1%. He'll be used selectively this fall. He is out of Underhill Thelonius Monk and Justalit'l Bedegrayne. He is AbAa, SsSs, MMM?, BBBb.

The photos below are of Pogo in full fleece this spring at Sharrie's house. I'll promise to get new photos soon!

Thank you both Cynthia and Sharrie for letting me try these boys out!

I didn't really NEED a fourth katmoget ram, but used selectively he'll be worth it!


Rayna said...

Awww...a Bedegrayne son! She'd be sooo proud :) He's gorgeous.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

And you really don't NEED more black-based sheep! But they sure are handsome....

Kathy said...

Garrett, It so obvious of all the strides you're making with your breeding programs. Well done! I see improvements every time you post pictures.
Good onya, mate!

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