Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Updated lamb photos

Gosh I just got in from taking photos and I see Theresa at UnderTheSon beat me to the punch! :)

This is WhitePine Enoch. He is an F2 Timothy out of FirthofFifth Barish (2yr old) and River Oaks Eliza (4 yr old). He 'could' carry moorit and it looks as though he is going to be a poll carrier with his aberrant horns/long scurs. He has a silky soft intermediate fleece and he is very fine (sire this year microned as AFD 22.4, SD 5.9, CV 26.4 with a CF of 89.1%. his dam microned AFD 26.6, 5.6 SD, CV 21.1 and CF of 79.3%). He is available for sale. $350. He is just 12 weeks this week.
Here is Justalit'l Chloe (f2 Minder) with her F1 Holly son WhitePine Caiphus. I was hoping for polled (Bartok, Chloe's sire was a poll carrier) but no luck! Look at these gorgeous horns on this boy! He is being retained.
WhitePine Candace is Caiphus' twin sister. She was spotted at birth and a moorit based ewe WOHOO! She is also staying. They are both 17 weeks old today.
WhitePine Benaniah is an F1 Orion son out of Justalit'l Black Lambo. He is quite single coated and so far his horns are looking good. He may be available for sale after micron tests.
WhitePine Barnabas aka 'Bug' is my 76% UK F1 Orion, F2 Timothy ram that is being retained. He looks to be going to have the smooth UK style horns (round vs. D shaped).
A fleece shot of WhitePine Levi (F1 Jamie out of River Oaks Lucy). He has the most gorgeous soft and uber crimpy fleece I've raised in a lamb. He is staying.

A head shot of Levi. He carries moorit and spots and is polled!!
Stephen thought this white ram was spotted as look as his horns....gray tips and white base...the other ram (his twin) has stripes in his horns. Have any of your white rams had stripes or streaks in their horns?WhitePine Fortunatus. His birth coat and his now 12 week old fleece is to DIE FOR! Unfortunately his horns looks as though they will be fatal. I'm almost weepy as this ram has flock sire written all over him (build, bite, fleece, conformation) but those pesky horns. Sometimes I wonder if the horns are worth it......
His gorgeous twin sister WhitePine Faith who is staying right here with me thank you!
ShelteringPines Snow Cloud with her daughter WhitePine Salome. Snow Cloud carries modified as her mom is emsket (and spotted) and Salmoe looks to be going 'modified' as well..How cool...spotted AND modified! Very single coated. Special thanks to Suzanne for letting me keep her :)
This is WhitePine Reuben. He has been sold to a great flock out in Pennsylvania! His sire is UnderTheSon Arapaho (Yearling fleece AFD 25.5, SD 5.3, CV 20.7, CF 84%) and FirthofFifth Rahu (two year old fleece AFD 27.7, SD5.1, CV 18.6, CF 73.8%). This lady purchased Rahu's fleece from last year and already took this years clip too! When she found out her ram lamb was available she took him in an instant! He is just gorgeous, beautiful build, wide sweeping horns, good level bite, crimpy soft fleece.
Two more poll carrier boys available for sale. WhitePine Phineas (musket) 75% UK ram out of Heights Orion and Underhill Peep. The 'black' behind him is WhitePine Seth who looks to be going modified as well. His dam is behind him and she is shaela. Phineas is $500 and Seth is $300.
The rear of WhitePine Naomi. (Wintertime Blues (Jazz's twin brother) and ShelteringPines Nirvana).
Side shot of Naomi. I am in love ;;)
WhitePine Ulam. Fawn katmoget (I still think he's light badger face as he is NOT Ag and his purse and belly are turning white (not modified). look at these gorgeous horns! he is really turning into a looker. I was going to offer him for sale but I will winter him over. He is F1 Minder out of Underhill Ulla (F2 Jamie)
Below are two photos of WhitePine Rhodes and F1 Orion out of RYL Rachildas. Either Rhodes or his brother Roman WILL be staying here. I just haven't/can't decide on which to keep.
He is just stunning!

And to show you some nice 'rears' here is Wintertime Jazz...
And FirthofFifth Barish...


Laura said...

My whit ram, Craigrothie has black stripes in his horns. His white scurred son, my teaser ram, has black strips in his scurrs.

Juliann said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous lambs, Garrett. You've certainly built yourself a top flock in a very short time! :)
Next time you get your hands on Chloe, check her depressions for bone knobs. As a four year old, she should have bone knobs if she is hornless (pp).

Mim said...

Beautiful lambs! I love the rams your keeping.

Nancy K. said...

All of my white ram lambs (sired by HST rams) have had striped horns. They usually have small spots on their ears and/or lips as well.

I think Faith would really like to come live in the Bluff Country....


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