Monday, March 15, 2010

Another good mother and freedom!

Well, I have so much good news!

This morning Cross Wind Bea, gave me a white ram lamb and a natural colored ewe with loads of 'white' on her face. It'll be fun to see how that changes as she ages. This is the fourth and final ewe bred to Kirkdale for purebred lambs. Notice Bea was sheared and see how light her 'saddle' is? Its nearly her whole body at this point. Its a beautiful color.

Nubia actually called to her lamb as I was putting the elastrator band on his tail tonight. I nearly hugged her. I think she's SLOWLY coming around, but I have her jugged yet nonetheless. Her natural colored ram lamb was caught jumping around and running around yesterday and today so he must be getting enough to eat. I've increased her grain to make sure she makes enough milk for the boys.

I am sick.and.tired. of the GUINEAS! They have had spring fever so I let them out a few days ago. The OEGB's (Old English Game Bantams) went out just yesterday. I have three yearling Silver duckwing roosters and about 12 Silver or Fawn Silver Duckwing hens too. I can't keep them all. Anyone wanna trade for something? I love my 2 year old Fawn Silver Duckwing rooster. He's busy courting the ladies.
Unfortunately I think ALL of the NINE guineas are HENS. I can't believe my luck! Two of them were inside the barn eating their grain when I took this photo. I could HEAR them, that's how I know! These dreary days are real downers. Come on sun!!


Rayna said...

Ugh, still ALL females?! What rotten luck. Hopefully a nice cage of like 2 or 3 colored males comes through and goes cheap for ya :)

Carol said...

Bea looks great! We still have her mom (Beechtree's Magpie) who had two natural colored ewe lambs this year. Magpie is a great mom. She has lots of milk. When the twins nurse, they walk away with milk froth running down their mouths. Bea looks just like Magpie.


Somerhill said...

Way to go, Bea!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Garrett, hope you get some sun soon! At least I don't see 3 feet of snow there! It's piled high here no thanks to our 5 days of snow a short while ago. Bea did good!!

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