Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lamb photos

trying to catch up. seems to be my life currently :)

These are backwards but no time to switch them. Minwawe Red Bud, shaela three year old ewe with her F2 Orion son (with krunet). He could be modified. The pair is available for sale.

2nd photo of Red Bud's son.
Owl Hill Miss Lilly. F1 Holly, F2 Orion etc with her Orion son. He also has a krunet and the tightest, crimpiest, most consistent fleece born this year.
I like him :) He looks modified as well from the color at the skin.
Below is Winter Sky Layla's son out of Orion. He also appears modified.
And again with his mioget momma (to show the color difference)
White Pine Rush (FirthofFifth Aman x RYL Rachildas) with her Wintertime Jazz daughter.
Below is ShelteringPines Snow Cloud with her Wintertime Jazz daughter.
Snow Cloud with her baby. See the body spots?
WhitePine Castle Rock (Jazz x Chloe) with her WhitePine Roman (F1 Orion) daughter


Michelle said...

Lilly's lamb's fleece looks very like Brava's ram lamb's. I'm pleased with such results as well!

susan said...

So far there seems to be alot of singles. In some ways I like singles better than twins. Of course when you are trying to make quick genetic improvements and doing AI it is nice when you get two for the price of one. Managment wise I really like the singles.

I love that you were able to cross Miss Lilly back to Orion.

I'm still waiting for my first lambs of the year.

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