Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rooing Levi

I forgot to post this!!

This was me and Levi the other day. It took me about 7 minutes to roo everything off of him minus his brisket and haunches. I rooed that off four days later quite easily. I know I couldn't do this on every sheep! My carpel tunnel was acting up after this! Why do you think I stopped training horses!!??!!

Levi is my F1 Jamie ram lamb out of River Oaks Lucy, who is a ShelteringPines Bombarde daughter. Levi microned around 23 AFD last fall, and will NOT be tested this year as his fleece mid side was already rubbed off before I did this. I'm going to use him on a select group of ewes this fall, depending on purebred sales this year. If they are good, I'll use him. If not, I'll use the BFL :)

Levi's fleece is by far the shortest staple length of just under 2 inches. Stretched out it is almost 3.5 inches. Its super crimpy, the UK style crimp (not merino) and his fleece weight was around 2 pounds. Not terrible for an almost yearling single coated lamb who is super crimpy and soft, and around 60 pounds.

Oh and he's polled :) Carries moorit, and has a krunet. He is one of very few Willocroft Jamie offspring around and so will hang on to him indefinitely or until someone who is REALLY serious about polled, UK fleeces, and fine fleece comes forward with an offer I can't resist :)

He was used as a clean up ram for most of the AI girls last fall after Ephraim was pulled from that group, so we'll see if anyone took from him!


Ginny McMurrough said...

He's a beauty Garrett. :o)

Becky Utecht said...

Wow, he looks so much like my shaela ram lamb Sebastian who is out of Lucy's half sister, Leonie. But Sebastian has an aberrant horn (the one broke off)! Sebastian came back from his breeding lease looking like a swamp creature. One side was completely gone, but I think I can get a sample from the other side still. Speaking of micron testing, Bob Padula will be at Shepherd's Harvest this year with the OFDA2000 doing micron testing on May 8th. I plan to bring all my samples in for testing. I'm thinking the price will be around $2 per sample tested.

Juliann said...

He is one of a kind! What a gem!

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