Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two more ewes lamb - ewe lamb streak broken!

Sometimes you just 'know' when a ewe is going to come in. I'm always thinking I am getting better at 'reading' ewes. I thought Minwawe RedBud would be lambing last night. By morning check she had a cute moorit krunet ram lamb. Sire is my F1 Orion ram WhitePine Ephraim. I was truly hoping for an emsket ewe out of this breeding. As I didn't get this, this mother/son pair is available for sale. Please inquire. RedBud's fleece is always sold right away and is a gorgeous shaela color.

Owl Hill Miss Lilly surprised the heck out of me this morning! I had no idea she was even 'close' by her antics and she had the most striking 90.5%UK moorit krunet ram lamb I've had! Sire is Heights Orion. I'm tickled he's moorit and has a krunet. I also love his amazing fleece, consistent down the tail head even and very crimpy, like the UK Shetlands. Lilly had a second 'fetus' that appeared to have mummified at some point in the gestation. Such a pity, but I'm very happy to have this little boy on my farm. Thank you THANK YOU to Susan Kimball for letting me have Lilly. She is a F1 Holly, F2 Orion herself (amongst other lines) and she is the highest UK girl I have at 81.25%.

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