Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lamb photos and catching up!

Well I'm a little bit behind. ahem. I have 47 (yes forty seven) ewes to lamb on or around April 5th. Yes. That is correct. I have 21 ewes due from AI on the 5th. Only two look not bred to that. Which is phenomenal! One is a BFL that was bred to Titan, and another is a Shetland ewe that was bred to Minder. Oh well. so that is still 19. All 5 crosses bred to the Texel are for sure bred. Three of the ewe lambs (out of 5 that I exposed) from last year are also bred (yes!). I'm kind of overwhelmed. Or will be. I guess I'd rather have it all over with at one time, than spread out over two weeks. :O)

Below is Beechtree GlenLuce's twin girls. (Lady) Gaga and Gwen (Stefani). They have to be G named...and i'm doing musical artists this year. Cute names huh? Notice the different markings/color? Isn't that cool? They are the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

Another shot of the girls. Both of them were 10.5 pounds!!

Here is my first Shetland lamb! RYL Rachildas with her Wintertime Jazz daughter. Her name is Regina (Spektor). She could be katmoget under the white, or is Aa. Either way she is most likely homozygous black, which is ok. Regina was nearly TEN pounds at birth. This is Rachildas' first time singling, but its a BIG GIRL! She is exactly like Rush. Same kind of fleece, super crimpy and consistent from front to rear. She has brown legs like her momma. Its too cute. Grey nose Bill. sorry :(

Ok I guess I still need Clover's lambs and the mule lambs. They are on the PC, i Just have to find them.

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