Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy 12 hours

Beechtree GlenLuce gave birth to twin natural colored ewe lambs. I have photos but no time to post! Luce didn't want her lambs, the first lamb was quite large and she took a long time delivering her. She is haltered and tied up so the girls can nurse. I'm getting used to this. Almost as much effort as a Holstein cow! The lambs I must saw are the most gorgeous lambs I've ever had born here. period. So beautiful. And Vigorous.

My first Shetland lamb was born! RYL Rachildas gave birth to a large single WHITE EWE LAMB! The happy daddy is Wintertime Jazz AI, and this is exactly what I wanted from Rachildas! The lamb is quite large for a single, but haven't weighed it yet. She gave birth between Luce's twins. She reminds of Rush, who was Rachildas white ewe out of FirthofFifth Aman AI.

Having been out in the barn most of the night, making sure Luce lambed and her lambs nursed. And having to put Rachildas in a jug with her baby as several other Shetland ewes were also claiming the lamb as their own (God bless them for being such great moms!). They are still adamant that its theirs, and they are very heavy with lamb themselves, and didn't have to do the work!

After most of the morning nap, I went out to make sure Cross Wind Clover was going to lamb. I pegged her for an early morning lambing, but she decided to wait until 4pm this afternoon to do it. She produced a white ewe and a white ram, and she LIKES them, although she isn't really sure about cleaning them up, but she is calling them and following them around the jug. Both Clover and GlenLuce's babies are out of Sheltering Pines Burma, a natural colored ram out of ShelteringPines Nightwatch and Beechtree Blyth.

photos most likely on sunday, in the evening, when I have more time


Cynthia said...

Been checking and worried. Obviously without reason, huh? Good for your girls Garrett and good for you. Looks like your season has begun with a passion.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

YAY! Go rams go.......go rams go..
a boy!

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