Thursday, April 1, 2010

More lamb photos (catching up again)

Phew! This lambing is fun. When you are first putting breeding together! Who ever thought I should be lambing 45 ewes in 14 days is crazy! (oh wait that is me!) Maybe next year I'll do it all again the same way. At least its done then :)

Below is an F1 Timothy ewe lamb out of WhitePine Centennial (Wintertime Jazz x Justalit'l Chloe)

Here is WhitePine Skor (Bourbon x Meleng) with her twins out of Heights Orion. Ram has the krunet. His fleece is not as nice as his sisters...but that could change.
Here is Skor with a shot of her ewe lamb. Modified :)
Sommarang Emerald gave me twins out of Wintertime Jazz. This flashy gray katmoget flecket ewe lamb is below. Also notice Emerald's enormous udder and nipples. I stripped her teats out several times today in hopes of the swelling to go down.
Back view of the lambs.
Mom with babes...


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Super cute! Lots of excitement at your place, Garrett. I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle such an endeavor. Hope you are able to get some good rest soon.

Beautiful lambs. :)

susan said...

Skor's black ram lambs straighter fleece looks like it may be like the heights orion daughter that I have. WHen she was born she had the very straight longish fleece, I was very dissapointed, but then after a couple of months she shed out to have one of my best fleeces. The longer courser baby hair fell out and a finner fleece came in.
I do like the birth fleeces that you can see at birth are going to be fine and crimpy, but some of these longer straighter ones come out great too. I wish I knew exactly why.

My theory was high secondary folicle development after birth stealing the nutrients from the primary flolicle causing it to produce a finer fiber.


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