Thursday, April 1, 2010

more lambs, big tired

Sommarang Emerald finally lambed! I thought she would be one of the first due to her udder. Her udder today looks like a dairy goat udder. Huge udder, huge nipples. I'm not even sure the lambs have nursed but they seem content and full in the belly. This is Emerald's first time lambing. She is 3, her breeder, Lori Stephenson didn't breed her to lamb as a yearling, or as a two year old due to the amount of sheep Lori had at the time. I had picked up them mid-February on my way back from Stephen Rouse's when I was road tripping with Rayna Frigon. I put both girls I got from Lori in with Jazz when I got home. I thought maybe it would be better to get August lambs than no lambs at all. It turns out it didn't work.

BUT! I think my patience paid off :) Bred to Wintertime Jazz, Emerald, who herself is flecket, gave me a cute, pretty and VERY flashy flecket katmoget ewe lamb this morning and a krunet katmoget ram. I personally know that the gray kat ram lamb will have a longer, more intermediate fleece (with a higher CV and SD like his mom), but the ewe's fleece looks a lot more like Jazz's. I was truly hoping for a wildly spotted girl out of her, so I could move Emerald to the cross breeding group. Let's hope her daughter got a low SD and CV like her dad, and from the looks of the fleece, I think I'm right :)

My last noticeably bred BFL ewe, Beechtree Kearsley was bred to AI also...Beeston Titan (thanks Lisa!). She has so far had two white lambs with what looked like another water bag. I'm going back out to check again to see. A ram for sure, and I haven't checked the second one. This is Kearsley's first ram lamb. Ever. I realize the ewe has nothing to do with the sex, but I was sure hoping for some F1 Titan ewes to retain!

Photos soon. yes. soon

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