Sunday, April 18, 2010


The first two photos are of the modified moorit ram lamb out of ShelteringPines Myra (Sheltering Pines Starry Night x ShelteringPines Canosia Farm May) and WhitePine Roman (F1 Orion). I could be wrong and this could be WhitePine Ephraim's (also F1 Orion) as he was the clean up ram at this point. So he's either way overdue (like 10 days) or to the clean up ram (3 days early). I'm guessing its the 2nd. shoot. Regardless he is quite lovely.

The next three photos are of Minwawe Dark Chocolate and her twin ram lamb Mules (BFL sire). The first photo shows the smaller krunet ram with crazy English Blue markings that almost mimic the gulmoget marking. Note the brown on the sides and legs.
These next two photos show his brother. With the krunet on the head and the white chin (and eye flashes like a gullie)

Check out the brown on the leg too!
I realize that English blue is a co-dominant as is Ag, At (katmoget) and Ab (gulmoget) as well as several others like Alb (light badger face) and 'just' blue (Abl). These boys are both Aeb/Aa, and are quite large (9 pounds each).

In other news...I had a VERY busy day today with three more ewes lambing! Photos tomorrow. Let's just say I finally got some gulmogets...AND a stunning F2/F2 Orion ewe lamb out of one of my yearlings...and another Mule EWE lamb! :) :) :)

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