Monday, April 5, 2010

PHOTOS of lambs! And some for Juliann!

First off is the Lucy x Holly boy. For Juliann (well the photos anyway) He has a white chin strap from one ear, along his jaw, under his neck and up to the other ear. Its not quite a bielset. Shoot. This boy and the Orion x Lilly boys are my favorite so far this year out of AI. Knock out conformation and crimp down the tail. Very consistent with little 'halo'. I think this boy will stay moorit, while Lilly's will be modified.

Head shot for Juli.
Maybe a little further out?

Here is a terrible photo of Ashanti's solid moorit ewe lamb. I need to go take a new one.
Here is Ashanti's krunet girl. Her fleece is amazing.
These are the Minder x Chloe kids below. The first is the fawn katmoget ram lamb. He is homozygous katmoget.
His spotted Moget-Face (Ag katmoget) sister. I'm praying these birth coats go away! What's with the 'swirls'? I have never had fleeces like this. 65% UK, F1/F3 Minder.
Ok this is another favorite of mine. He was born today while I was out at work. This is the F1 Lightning, F2 Jericho (Lightning x Koosi). Koosi was also borrowed from Cynthia. Koosi is a Jericho x Chloe daughter. Lightning was white and I was hoping for a white ewe lamb. Seriously. Since Koosi is homozygous katmoget, if the lamb were white, it would also carry for katmoget. Since this lamb is kat, he will carry Aa from his daddy. This fleece is yummy too. And cute white tips on the ears too :) Face photo tomorrow. or soon.
Jericho x Black Lambo. She weighed over 8 pounds at birth. Not bad for a 9 year old momma :) Notice the smirslet. Stephen hate me all you want! :)
These two are out of Owl Hill Pranilla and Campaign Timothy. The ewe is very dark moorit, the ram is jet black. These are the hairy birthcoats that Pranilla has thrown before, but the lambs did come in crimpy. Pranilla is F1 Greyling, so these are F1 Timothy, F2 Greyling and 87.5% UK.
Here is my Texel x Shetland Mule ewe lamb! Doesn't the face look like Texel?? :) Crimpy until her shoulder and then the Texel fleece takes over. Having never seen that in a lamb, it looks kinda crazy!
F1 Timothy boy out of Eliza. He's all hunka hunka burnin' love. LOL. He was nearly 10 pounds and had to be pulled. He's doing lamb races today :)

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Becky Utecht said...

I'm so glad to hear that Eliza's lamb is up and going strong.
Just keep an eye on that Minder lamb's fleece to see how it develops. My 11 year old F1 Minder ewe, Bramble Cordelia (AI quad), has the longer wavy type of fleece and her lambs usually have longer birthcoats than the rest of my flock. She microned as a 10 year old at 27.1 AFD,5.6 SD, and 20.6 CV. Which was a little coarser than the year before when her numbers were 25.9 AFD, 5.7 SD and 21.9 CV. I thought those were pretty good numbers for an old girl like that. She's got this year off from lambing since I retained both her lambs from last year.

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