Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BFL lamb photos

Sheltering Pines Catalonia (out of Beechtree Blyth) was also bred to Beechtree WyCliffe. She produced a ram and a ewe. Nearly 3 days old and I think we are out of the woods. The ram is on the left and the ewe on the right. Both were around 10# at birth. Hey that ram isn't blind...he's looking at the camera :) Apparently they were maybe born a bit early and needed to finish developing?

Lovely fleece on these lambs. Excited to watch it grow! (ram in front, ewe in rear)
Below two photos are of Kershope's twins at 8 days of age. They are in a 'nursery' pen all by their lonesomes since lambing has been slow going here. Well and we got a ton of snow after most of ours was almost gone. *sigh*
Sorry for the eyes...the flash was on and the barn was kind of dark (its an old dairy barn!)


stephen rouse said...

BFL lambs are so cute! :-)

Kelly Bartels said...

Hooray, your babies are looking good and doing well!!!
Still no lambs here. (sad face)

Becky Utecht said...

Such good news on the ram lamb! They all look great.

Shula said...

Cute ears on those lambs, I'm so used to seeing Shetlands. Congratulations :)

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