Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yearling Shetland Ewes

Just a few. I have to save some of the photos for another day. Naturally when I have hep coming its lightly snowy and overcast so the photos will all be a 'gray tone' instead of their natural selves. Sigh. Story of my life.


The photos below are of the yearling group of girls. Three Shetland Mules and 25 Shetland ewes. 10 of those Shetlands are from AI, the balance are all out of F1 rams.

Below the white ewe looking away is WhitePine Ciara (WhitePine Roman AI (Orion x RYL Rachildas) x WhitePine Castle Rock (Wintertime Jazz x Justalit'l Chloe) She's a chuck and has dynamite fleece like that entire Rachildas line. Jazz of course left his stamp too making it finer!

The dark faced gray katmoget is FirthofFifth Basotho (WhitePine Eprhaim AI (Orion x Autumn) x FirthofFifth Blottir (Forrest x Boppitty) She is becoming quite tame like her momma.

The gray katmoget with the spots on her face is my F1 Jericho daughter WhitePine Nina Sky out of ShelteringPines Nirvana. She and her dynamite twin sister (in the back left of the photo) are just fantastic. Breed type, presence, etc. All these girls have lovely density and bounce to their fleeces. Amazing conformation.
A group photo of most of the girls...... I'm so pleased with my girls!
This photo shows my Smirslet Sokket Flecket Gray Katmoget ewe WhitePine Eiffel 65. She is out of Jazz and Sommarang Emerald. Huge improvement on her mother and spotted to boot.
Another group shot of the girls...looking at something. Just about every color and pattern in this bunch!

Speaking of color...This is one of two emsket yearlings that WhitePine Ephraim produced for Cynthia. They were born jet black and are an awesome bluish hue to their fleece. No Iset in them to make them 'appear' modified. I've tried for years to have one born here but JUST got shaela...and of course mioget and fawn! Ephraim produced some lovely length to the fleeces on these lambs from Cynthia and I am really excited to see how they produce next year for me.

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Kara said...


Great ears! I have noticed that some of the finer Shetlands don't necessarily have the best ear set...well done to have both fine fleece and correct ears.

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