Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shetland Mule and Shetland-Cheviot ewes

I'm really not going to show you all 106 sheep. But I wanted to show you some 'special' ones.

Below is UnderTheSon B17. She is a Shetland Mule and will be two this spring. She's a gorgeous ewe with a gorgeous fleece.
B17's fleece

Below is UnderTheSon Y06 who is a Shetland-Cheviot. She's my favorite of the S-C ewes I have.

Her fleece is below:

UnderTheSon Y03. She is also a Shetland-Cheviot. 2 years of age. She loves to pull hay out of her fleece...hence the 'hot mess' *sigh*

Her GORGEOUS fleece below:
UnderTheSon Y40. Has the most 'grey' face of the S-C ewes. She's also two.
Her fleece below:
This fleece below is of a now yearling Shetland Mule (English Blue, Aeb/Aa, BB/Bb, SS/Ss)
Here she is.....albeit slightly hunched up...she hated being 'cooped up'
This is one of the Shetland Mule's out of FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn (Ephraim, Eve and Aman's mother). This is Aeb/Aa and long, lusterous fleece.
Below she is sporting her lovely new purple ear tag!
This fleece is of her twin sister who is slightly larger than her sister.
Below is her profile. they retained the white spotting on the face and ears. Super cute :)

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