Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicken Math

I can't get the Trademark logo to show up behind the Chicken Math idea. Corrine you really need to get the TM on that saying! Its catching on like...well....chicken math.

A while back Rayna and I went in on an order of egg laying day old pullets. I ordered 7 but only 5 arrived because several were not available or the hatch was poor.

Well the day I went to pick them up I ended up bringing home 11 :) See how this chicken math works???!!

They are really in an ugly stage but I'm happy with the group I got.

2 White Wyandottes
1 Gold Laced Wyandotte
1 Silver Laced Wyandotte
2 Buttercups
1 Partridge Rock
2 Easter Eggers
1 Buff Orpington
1 mystery chick that has yet to be identified. It is either a Minorca, Lakenvelder or Andalusian, which any would be fine with me.

Tomorrow I am picking up 3 yearling Black Australorps and 2 two year old Barred Rock from my Enabler and fleece friend who taught me how to spin (she also made me my hat and scarf from Jazz's fleece). I'm trading more fleece for these 5 chickens and so that should help with my current egg supply.

Since the my first original two hens are also two years old (a Barred Rock named Henrietta, and a Red Star named Helen) and now laying daily thanks to me moving them from the barn where the two rats were spotted (and later killed by our last remaining barn cat), I've been getting a dark brown (not Maran brown, but still fairly dark) and a lighter brown egg from each girl every day for the past 9 days.

With the help of these 5 new ladies I should be able to feed my 3 egg omelet breakfasts AND feed the dogs their raw eggs that they get twice a week (two times a week x 9 dogs = 18 eggs).

I ran out of my eggs and had to buy eggs from the store. The 'yolk' if you could even call it that was such a light yellow it mimicked banana color AFTER you peel off the skin. No kidding. Gross.

Since I know these 2 year old ladies probably won't lay forever I'd like to get a few more pullets this year. I'd like a variety that are good layers and will be able to free range and not give up laying in the winter months.

I LOVE the look of the Wyandottes and am looking at other varieties of them but also would like a few different Marans, Chantecler, Sussex, Egyptian Fayoumi, Hamburg, etc. Now I don't need 40 chickens laying, but a variety is nice.

My goal this year is to be more sustainable than I already am so if I am able to have enough eggs for myself, the dogs and my family, plus maybe a few neighbors in the future that would be great by me. Help pay for the girls' feed.

If you might have something in the forms of pullet chicks, or yearling laying hens to trade or for sale, do let me know!

Ah yes....chicken math at its finest....


Rayna said...

I think blogger needs a "like" button :)

Cindy said...

Hum, my math goes like this: told 3incubators with 41 eggs each. 120, right? One hatches 21, one hatches 7(including one with a twisted beak), last hatches 15. Should be 48.

Some how I have 48? And I started out with ducks?

stephen rouse said...

Have you ever tried the black sumatras? I always wanted to try a few of those ... they are handsome birds!

corinne said...

You have learned well, Grasshopper. You are now a level 2 Chicken Mathematician!

Kelly Bartels said...

Sumantras are beautiful birds, but I got rid of mine because they were the wildest chickens I have every seen. And, they roosters are MEAN!!! The girls didn't lay particularly well either. lol I had blue Sumantras. Did you know they have multiple spurs?

Riverglen Farm said...

Uh oh! I see some chicken math in my future. Is there also such as thing as duck math? :)

D. :)

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