Thursday, March 10, 2011

WhitePine Sedalia

Yes she gets her own post :)

For anyone who knows me, has followed my blog or talked to me in person, they KNOW how much I LOVE this ewe. Her dam is 100% domestic, her sire is Wintertime Jazz (87.5% UK) so she is around 44% UK.

I did a repeat breeding of her and got WhitePine Selah. They were so similiar I was in heaven! I then took Selah and Ruben (Black ram out of UTS Arapaho x FirthofFifth Rahu) to my good friend Kathy Davidson in Glen Rock, PA. I hope that both of them help Kathy in her quest with her Shetlands. I hear Selah is still incredible in the fleece department too! Selah is one of my favorites!!

And who could not LOVE this face? She's becoming increasingly tame, after a year or so of being completely rude and standoffish. LOVE this ewe. LOVE LOVE LOVE this ewe.
Two white socks and a white tail to boot. She was bred to WhitePine Levi and I got a gorgeous ewe lamb with small smirslet named WhitePine Sarai. I'm almost certain Sarai is a poll carrier. Time will tell. Sarai is getting bred to WhitePine Ludacris this fall (Smooth polled F1 Holly moorit bielset ram).

Sedalia is bred to WhitePine Barnabas (F1 Orion F2 Timothy) Mioget Katmoget ram. These lambs should be amazing given their parents!
And this yummy fleece. Its about 3 inches long and when stretched out it is around 5 inches. Super crimpy its hard to get a photo to show it off well.


Kelly Bartels said...

I love the face!!! Sometimes we forget crimp makes a sheep appear to have a short staple length, but then when it's stretched, the length is more than sufficient.
Do you have any of her fleece left?

Garrett808 said...

Hi Kelly!

Its in my private stash :)

corinne said...

She is really nice, G!

Michelle said...

I have to chuckle a bit when people use the terms domestic and UK. I think we need to switch the terms to "old UK" and "new UK." After all, the Dailley sheep were 100% UK - Shetlands were never native to the U.S. so can't be "domestic"!

(And you KNOW I love Sedalia, too!)

BTW, (since you've had so many kats), do you think my first lamb is kat/Aa, kat/Ag, and or spotted?

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