Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lambs so far

BFLs are starting to lamb. It looks as though several were bred to the back up ram Burma.

The first four ewes have lambed:

Kershope: white ewe, natural colored ram - great mom - healthy lively lambs

GlenLuce: white ewe - terrible mom, rejected baby, baby died after several days of me trying to feed it and try everything i could think of. Luce is going to a fiber home where she will not be bred.

Kearsley: white ewe - great mom, only one nipple worked. Came home from a weekend at the Fiber Mill and found lamb dead. My dad 'didn't see anything wrong'. This will haunt me for life as I wasn't there. She was healthy and nursing when I left. UGH! Kearsley is very distraught too poor girl.

Catalonia: white ewe, white ram - great mom - she had milk fever but got it under control, ram lamb appears blind. Gave B-complex and thiamine shots, he can sense light and doesn't run in to his sister but its very frustrating.

I need to invest in an E-Z milker as my carpal tunnel sure doesn't seem to help when I'm milking out the BFLs. For all the work of the BFLs I surely love them and want to see them remain here. They are SO docile and loving towards me. Like big 'ol dogs. They come up for scratches and such and follow me around on a lead/halter after only seconds of being on one. They are very trusting.

Shetlands still look a ways away. Udders are not as large as they were last year so that apparently means later lambs this year. Thank goodness I didn't pull the rams out early last year like I do for the time period around the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Nationals. My luck they will all be due around that week!

I'm really getting anxious for easy lambing to commence with the Shetlands.


Becky Utecht said...

Oh no, sorry to hear of the troubles with the BFLs. I think the lambs are more delicate than Shetland lambs. I'm worried about my newborn BFL lambs with this awful turn in the weather. Had to stack bales of hay to keep the nasty wind and snow from blowing in the barn on them (slider is frozen solid). I don't like March lambing at all.

stephen rouse said...

I bailed for Cormos Garrett... they are way hardier and way better moms. The lambs are smarter too!

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Speaking of udders. You should see Selah. I have never seen an udder on a Shetland like this! Hope those babies show up soon.
Like you,I'm glad I didn't pull Ruben out earlier. There would have been 2 Shetland ram lambs to show for the season. As it appears now... too many are bred. They are close.... I HOPE.

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