Saturday, March 5, 2011

BFL photos!!

I went out with my camera and just started pointing and clicking. I only took 54 photos and came up with about 25 keepers so that's cool!

I'll try and pace myself with the camera photos. Tomorrow I"ll be having help to collect fleece samples for microns and will take individual photos of each fleece parted and of the individual animal for my records. My friend Kody is bringing his digital camera and while not super great, it will do the purpose much better than mine!!

I know you are all dying to see my sheep (cuz you're nosy like that!) so I'll help with your addiction.

A week from today is our shearing and I have friends coming from North Dakota, South Dakota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin to help! YAY!! I'm a blessed person to have any help at all!

(they have no idea what they are getting themselves in to!)

So here are two photos of my BFLs.

The whole group (including my ram Burma), and minus Prima Facie, who was at the fence begging to be scratched. Seven white ewes, three natural colored. (there is a shetland-cheviot ewe in the background too....sneaky girl).


Below is WhitePine Kacy. Her sire is Sheltering Pines Burma (ShelteringPines Nightwatch x Beecthree Blyth) and Beechtree Kershope (Beechtree Titanium x Beechtree Kearsley). She was my only BFL lamb in 2009. She is bred to Beechtree Wycliffe, an F2 Rossiebank 840/X003.


*** said...

I'm wondering if you would consider doing a post on collecting fleece samples. My son is interested in doing that with his Shetlands this year, but we don't have any idea where to start. A picture tutorial would be great!

Garrett808 said...

I will do my best to get photos!!

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