Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countdown drawing down

March 9 - first day that sheep can lamb. Not before.

March 12 - shearing. I'm having a shearing party. Many people will be around to help this year! I'll need it too! 106 sheep I have on my spreadsheet!

March 14 - Scrapie inspection and Scrapie genotyping of my rams

March 15 - I might be ready for lambs to come

March 20 - I might be ready for shearing

March 30 - I might be ready for Kelly to come visit.

will keep you posted.


Kelly Bartels said...

Am I being invited to your place!? Holy smokes, I might be able to talk my hubby into taking a trip on the ole HD up to you, after it warms up a bit. AND....I have lambs due at the same time as you, just not nearly as many. 106? What are you thinking? LOL

Garrett808 said...

Kelly is the name of my Scrapie vet as well :)

15 rams
13 BFLs
9 Mules
the rest are Shetlands.....

they gotta work for their space at the feeder!!

Garrett808 said...

ps we can ride harley's together ANYTIME!!

Kelly said...

I am a Vet Tech not a Vet :-)

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