Sunday, March 13, 2011

Got Wool?

Well this is MOST of the wool from my flock! I was very pleased with Shearing Day 2011. More help, more customers (new and old), more fleeces, more efficient, more food, more laughs. More fineness of fleece. Overall extremely pleased with the flock! I'll be taking some photos of some of the fleeces as I clean them.

This weekend I am going to visit some Shetland friends and take some of my cross bred fleeces in for a quilted batt, the BFL fleeces will go to roving, and a few of the Shetland fleeces will go to see what this mill can do with fine fleece. Most of my fleeces are in the fine category so I'm nervous to have any of it processed at a mill.

The dogs love running in circles around the new 'toy' and they now have three race around the table, one around the bags of wool and one around the couches. Oh the joys of being a dog!!


Laura said...

BFL can pill too. If the tight curls don't open up during the picking process at will pill during carding. Also adding something coarser like kid mohair, mohair or suri alpaca helps carry fine wool through the carder without it pilling.

Sounds like shearing went well for you! What kind of shears does your shearer use? Were any Shetlands not "ready" to be shorn?

stephen rouse said...

wooly knob processes fine shetland with no problems. karen valley has had a lot of hers done there. Also Spinderella can handle fine shetland. If you want creme de la creme send it to Zeilenger's for Top! :-) (it's expensive though).

Cynthia said...

What a wonderful field of wool. Of COURSE the pups enjoy the raceway...who wouldn't love the smell of all that lamb. LOL. Good for you kiddo.

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