Monday, August 25, 2008

Another fun weekend!

I had a great weekend with Mary Morris and Barb and Steve Peterson! We had many laughs from Thursday until Sunday and boy was my throat sore from laughing so hard!

It was also great to see the Mumme's and Lynn Stoltzmann, as well as Diana and Mackenzie and Donna and Mike Johnson, Mike Ekwall and every briefly Dawn!

After being point fodder for nearly two years, I have finally had some winnings these past few months and its a good feeling. I'm not the most competitive person, but it does feel good to win once in a makes the dog showing even more fun than the social aspects and dog strategy talk!

Zoe was Winner's Bitch (WB) and Best Opposite Sex (BOS) on friday and Saturday. On saturday she was also Best of Winners (BOW). Two more points now puts her at 8 points.

Mac was Winner's Dog (WD) on Saturday for another point, he now has 4 points.

Ell was WB, BOS and BOW over a dual Champion dog on Sunday for two more points which puts her at 5 points total now. We'll wait to have her get more coat and we'll see what happens. Both girls are still under 16 months so there is no hurry, I'm just impatient lol

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