Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MFF, farm visits

Stephen Rouse is an amazingly funny man. He makes me laugh constantly! He is also very talkative like myself and before I knew it I was asking him repeatedly how to get to Mark and Brenda's farm. Every turn, every road, he would say " I'll remember it when I see it. TRUST ME". That is now my new official slogan! He used it all weekend for a host of things, it was too funny.

Next time Stephen bring your reading glasses! :P

Here is a nifty feeder that does both hay and grain. These are a few of the lambs that they are holding back.

A few of the ewes at Lelli's farm. I believe the one with the navy tag is the mother to one of the ewe lambs I purchased from them.

My favorite ewe, that I fell in love with last year, BLACKWATER DEE is shown here in this photo. She is just to die for!

Here is Brenda with her ewe flock trying to find the mother to one of my lambs that I purchased. You can see in the background the sheep barn with a 'tack/feed' room, five pens, a grooming/shearing area and in the center, a big hay area. It was a great set up!

These are the three ewe lambs I ended up taking home with me. The smaller one in front is a twin from a yearling ewe who fed them both herself. She is out of an F1 CarryHouse V2 and high percentage UK. The natural colored ewe is out of GlennFiddich who is now owned by Carol Bator, and the other white ewe is out of Drambuie, an F2 Barleas Titus (I believe).

The way home was the same thing.......Stephen and I were too busy talking and we ended up missing our turn :)

Once we got back to his place I was dying to see his sheep!

Here is his flock of what seemed like 400 sheep running for what they thought was 'grain'. What it really was, was a ploy to get them into the barn so I could see them. Shortly after this photo it torrentially rained and we ran them into the barn so they wouldn't be soaked. You NEED to biggify this photo as to see the line/steady stream of sheep coming in.

Here are two BFLs with Justalit'l Black Lambo, who I purchased from Stephen for the AI this fall. She is seven.

A group photo of some of the sheep at Sheltering Pines

Here is another group photo. The natural colored ram lamb on the right is my "Burma" aka Bubba that I purchased from Stephen. Ok traded. I brought my little Rye to Michigan in trade for the BFL ram lamb.

This manure spreader is alot like the push fertilizer spreaders we use on our lawns. THis however is pulled, and when the wheels turn, the prop spins and throws the maure out. Its so cute and little. Reminds me of when I was little playing with my little machinery and Tonka toys. Stephen is in the photo...like a proud dad LOL

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