Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catching up

Well let's see:

I get up early in the morning to judge my first County Fair exhibits for 4H and Open classes for all types of pigeons. Its my first county level judging assignment, although I've judged Breed Club shows and panel judged several larger shows both here and in The Netherlands. Those kids can be TOUGH, so I hope I do ok.

I'm trying to coordinate some flights for sheep to go to Alaska AND to Georgia. It doesn't help that we are all so busy!

My sister is due with her first child next Thursday. That's the day I'm supposed to leave for Michigan and MFF. I keep getting this guilt trip from my sister, and my entire extended family. Hey it isn't MY kid, and if it weren't a dog/sheep/pigeon show weekend I'd be there! I can't help it that they moved her due date up THREE weeks!

We have another 600 square bales up in the hay mow. It is now around 1000 bales. That should last me an entire year if we don't have any more pasture to graze or drought happens.

I've been halter training my three Shetland lambs I'm taking to Jefferson. They are my older lambs, my favorite ewe lamb Centennial, the gray katmoget, crimpy, single coated girl out of Jazz and Chloe, and a ewe lamb named Sheridan, an intermediate fleeced, very correct structurally, black krunet out of Jazz and Shasta. The ram lamb is Lyons, a shaela krunet with a nice set of horns to him. He's all but lost his krunet now, but his fleece is SO crimpy all the way to his britch. He and Centennial are so tame without the halters on, but try to lead them and they lay down! They do stand nicely when tied to the fence; chewing their cud or trying to graze the grass. Its only my 2nd day, so I'm not expecting the world. Its my first time ever halter training LIVESTOCK so its an experience for all of us!

What have you been up to? I've been checking all the blogs lately and everyone must be really busy. I've been checking, but not leaving any comments...who has time for that?! :) lol

Enjoy your night!


Nancy K. said...

Have you tried luring the lambs to take a step with a treat? I find halter training much easier if the babies are "into" animal crackers. Once they get over the initial horror of that life-threatening, sheep-eating rope around their heads, they'll pretty much follow me any where for a cookie...

Not that I've spent ANY time halter training lambs that I want to bring to Jefferson! Who the heck has time for THAT?????


Carol Bator said...

It is always hard to start the halter training. Then it gets easier if the lambs think it is just an unpleasant part of their daily routine. Eventually, some will relax and enjoy being petted. But it is all worth while when you have to handle them as adults and they are not as wild and flighty as they would be if they had not been worked with as lambs.

It has been rainy and extremely foggy here the last two mornings. My babies got a break from their lessons. I hope we have nice weather for MFF.

See you there.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Everyone one is different about childbirth, I guess. I didn't want anyone in the room with me except my husband and absolutely essential medical staff, and I didn't want family coming to visit (they all live out of state) until after at least a month. Boy, did my MIL have a hard time with THAT second one! I'd say don't give in to the guilt trip, but if the baby does come while you're gone (let's face it, unless it's a scheduled C-section, very few come "on time"), pull out all the stops on being a doting brother/uncle when you come back!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

And me......I'm just waiting for Wind Sprite and Peyton! Chewing finger nails for a shipping date...

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