Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MFF, BFL post

This is the sheep building at the Allegan County Fairgrounds that puts on the MFF every year. Its a nice sized building with plenty of pens, ring space and spectator seating.

These two yearling rams belong to Beechtree Farms. Handsome devils aren't they?

Two photos of the Junior Ram Lamb class where Mark and Brenda Lelli, Steve and Carol Densmore and Carol Bator are in the ring showing their boys.

Here you can see "Lance" and Carol with matching shirt and halter followed by matching shirt and halter Carol Densmore :)

Here are Steve and Carol Densmore with Steve's daughter and friend showing the four boys that they brought for sale, and to show. A nice consistent bunch of boys!

I'm too tired to 'tweak' this photo, but here is Carol and Steve in front of their farm sign. Its a very amazing sign. I need something like that!

here is Brenda Lelli of Beechtree Farm getting one of the yearling ewes ready for the show. I do believe she went on to win Champion Ewe? Brenda, refresh my memory. And for the record....I assumed the fleece was more coarse due to the type of fleece, I didn't say it WAS :P Its very soft!

Here is BFL lane, where BeechTree, Crosswind and White Pine were all bedded in the same area.

My two ewe lambs that I purchased from CrossWind Farms (Densmore's) before they are shown. You can tell they are stressed! HA!

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Carol Bator said...

Hi Garrett,

I did actually plan that matching shirt and halter combo for me and Lance. I have decided that green is the official color of Zephyr Sheep Farm. But I will try not to use the same shade of green as Windswept Farms (Ludlams).


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