Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MFF, Shetlands

Why yes, there were Shetlands too!

Here is my great friend Juliann Budde of Lil'Country showing off one of her boys :) She has amazing smooth polled rams, single coated, soft, crimpy and structurally correct! WOWZA!

Her smooth polled fawn kat and moorit boys ready for the show!

All serious in the ring.....

Pair of lambs...can't remember if they were rams or ewes...sorry!

One of Carol Bator's gulmoget ewe lambs. I was really hoping to get one of them but just didn't have any more trailer room! Honest! I'm glad that Juliann got her....at least she's "still in the family"


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Be still, thou green-eyed monster in my heart....

Juliann said...

Michelle, isn't he a nice little lamb?

Last place? I still can't get over that!

Last place? lol!

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