Thursday, February 19, 2009

bull sale

Remember this guy? He was my first pick at my friends bull sale. Well he sold for $4100. Slightly out of my price range (ok a lot!) As you can see the Registered Simmental are still in high demand...all 80 of his bulls sold for an average of $2800. There have been sale after sale after sale in North Dakota and Minnesota this month and all sales have had nice averages for their bull sales. I did happen to get a bull for about half the price of the boy pictured about with almost the same EPDs *expected progeny data* just not the blaze face or size/build of this guy. It could be worse....I could not have a bull :)

Maybe next time I'll find my perfect boy! Hey you can't have everything right?

Now if the commercial prices would go back up to where they were a year or so ago....that would be nice!


Carol Bator said...

Or maybe your new bull will produce your perfect bull calf if you put him with the right cows. I am glad you were able to get one with good potential.

Rayna said...

So which boy was it?!

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