Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cost of AI'ing my sheep

So I finally was able to sit down and figure out my cost of AI'ing 10 ewes for AI. Remember I wasn't able to AI two ewes due to one having a sponge fall out a day too early, and the other had too much damage to her uterus to AI. However whether I used 12 sponges or not, I still wasted most of the PMS-G hormones as one vial is only good for what, 40 ewes? and its only good for 48 hours.

At any rate without boring you with details, the total of my expenses including gas which at the time was around 3.89/gallon and driving a total of 1040 miles round trip to get to the AI site driving a huge SUV pulling the cattle trailer; my cost including semen, gas, hormones, supplies, etc was only $167/ewe! While that sounds like a lot of money for 10 ewes, yes it was, but it was spread out mostly throughout the year as I bought semen well in advance of the AI date. I have heard that some people have had an average of $250-300/ewe for their AI. Anyone have any other data for their ewes that did AI?


Somerhill said...

Hi Garett
I don't have my numbers in front of me, but it usually costs me about $150-60 per ewe for the AI.

This last session, we had Martin come here, and it did not cost any more than when we took them to another farm, plus we did not have the hauling to figure into the cost.

Best wishes for lots of lambs!

Garrett808 said...

Hey Lisa, I'm hoping to do more at my own farm and I think you are right about the cost. If i didn't hae to spend over $400 in gas I wouldn't have to stress the girls out so much and could then feel better about paying that much more for the procedure here on the farm.

Take lots of photos of your lambs!

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