Saturday, February 7, 2009


You would think I'd never run out of animal fodder for the blog but I can't seem to find anything exciting to talk about this morning. So I'm going to post photos of some of my most favorite 'non-animal' friends a.k.a. College and High School friends. You know.....the ones who think I'm crazy for having all these animals and living on a farm ;) You might know a few even ;) Some have been brave enough to come with to dogs shows, pigeon shows, or sheep shows.

Some of my friends from the dorms second year. I'm still great friends with them! L to R Miranda, Jake, Kari, me and Allison. Kari lives near the Jefferson, WI sheep show so I stayed with her and her hubby there last year.

This one is dated but shows my three best high school lady friends with me. L to R Me, Belle, Lisa and Erin. We are all still great friends. Belle lives in Indianapolis and I stay with her on my way to Louisville for my pigeon show.

What was the last "fargo" crew I had....most have moved away but I still see them every chance I get. Erica, Missy, Jess, myself and Josh.
Four of my best friends. Missy, Rory, Briony and "Wush" (Scott). Wush I met at work, Missy was my sister's best friend and now mine, and then B and Rory I met at college.
Myself with Kjirsten and Bjorn. I lived with Bjorn in the dorms (one of four other guys that shared a three bedroom 'suite') and Kj also lived with me here on the farm on her pharmacy rotation. They dated most of college and got married and just last week had their first baby, a girl name Vega Isabel. I stay with them in Burnsville, MN when I have any type of dog show or agility trial to attend. We also ride our Harley Motorcycles every chance we get together.

My sister and I. Best buds.
My two favorite lady cousins. Emily and Andrea. Emily is my sister's age and lived with me for a year in Fargo during college. Andrea is two weeks younger than me and we've been great friends our whole lives. I consider them immediate family, as I do my entire dad's side (Hi Auntie Paula!)
There is no one with more knowledge and humor than my Grandpa. He is 83 this year and still helps out on the farm on a daily basis. If he wasn't around, things would be very difficult for my dad and I to handle alone. He is an amazing person with so much history on the farm. He also takes me to lunch once in awhile and I don't complain! :)
My friend Kim who now lives in Denver. She and Briony were dorm mates for two years and we get together every chance we get. She actually WAS raised on a farm so understands what I'm doing, she just thinks its crazy I have so many hobbies.

Here is a better photos of Bjorn and KJ. They are with myself, Eic (who I met in the dorms) and Jake (also met in the dorms). I do believe this photo was taken around 3am and we had been drinking heavily. Bjorn and Kj brought me Taco Bell (a favorite drunk food of mine) and when I opened up the package and saw what it was I wept. Seriously I did. that's how much I love Taco Bell! Ok...DID like Taco Bell! Ignore my cousin's bunny ears in the back LOL

This is Dennis. Another suite mate of mine that went to HS with Bjorn and they lived together. Every photo I have of him is not G rated so this was the only one I had. For those who like to laugh I 'can' send you those other photos privately LOL.
Shannon and I. She moved to California and does hair/make up for a lot of big stars. I visited her when I was out there for the National Pigeon Association National show. I miss her a lot!
A great photo of I think the first party Rayna came to of mine? We met 'online' when she was looking for pigeons. Her mom and her came out to see them and we hit it off and have been great pals ever since!

I think I got everyone. lol

They always called me the Social butterfly and that is of course true. I have friends from all walks of life and I typically trust and like someone completely until they prove themselves unfit to do so. I used to see all of these people on a quite regular basis but as life speeds up and passes us all by, it gets harder and harder to see them. Although i'm very proud I still know exactly what they all do, where they live, when the last time they went 'out' and we talk regularly on the phone...or text. :) I have a great circle of GREAT friends. I wouldn't have it any other way!


Rayna said...

*cry* Back when I was skinny...:(

penni said...

You are so fortunate to have stayed in touch with all these friends -- don't eveer let it slip away!

dreameyce said...

Gosh, you're a cutie! How've you stayed single! There's all these chicks whining about how men don't like animals... yet right here's a guy more passionate about animals than most animal loving women are LOL

Rayna: There's a reason I don't post pictures of myself either... at least he was nice a posted a "skinny" pic! heehee I hate getting older! ;0)

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